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The Magician's Nephew


Published by The Bodley Head

The Magician's Nephew takes us back to the dawn of Narnian time and the day when the Beasts first talked, which was also the day when people from our world first went into Narnia. It all happened because Digory's wicked uncle, who was a magician,sent him into the Wood Between the Worlds.
Fully illustrated with reproductions of Pauline Baynes' beautiful and distinctive drawings.

1st Edition, 1955



Latin Grammar

E.C. Marchant & G. Watson

Published by G. Bell & Sons

This book is intended to meet the needs of the average learner of Latin. The syntax is almost wholy confined to the classical Latin of Cicero and Caesar but is not exhaustive. Elaborate terminology that impedes rather than assists the learner has been avoided.



I Palazzi Veneziani

Text: Alvise Zorzi
Photography: Paolo Marton

Published by Magnus Edizioni Spa. Udine Italy 1994

This magnificent book illustrates some of the most famous Venetian palaces of every era, from Byzantium to the twentieth century. The interiors of the sumptuous palaces of Venice are presented in all their artistic beauty, with commentaries in Italian by leading historians and art scholars.
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£ 40


The Story of Sambo and the Twins

Hellen Bannerman

Published by Chatto & Windus

Wonderful little story of Sambo and the twins who grow up under Sambo's watchful eye till one day they are snatched by two Wicked Monkeys living in the tallest tree.



Mud Pattens in the Morning

Steven Borland

Published by Hunter's Moon Vintage Field Sports

This is the first book to trace the rich history of wildfowling in Chichester Harbour, West Sussex. It gives an insight into the pursuit of wildfowl, from ancient times up to the present day.

New publication
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