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Adams Rib

Robert Graves

Published by Trianon Press 1955

Robert Graves is the first to show that Genesis and many of the creation myths, such as the formation of Eve from the rib of a man, are best explained as ancedotes based on a misreading of certain Canaanite icons captured by the Hebrews when they overran Hebron.

1st Limited Edition



The Shipping Forecast

Photographs by Mark Power

Published by Zelda Cheatle 1996

Intangible amd mysterious, familiar yet obscure, the shipping forecast is broadcast four times daily on BBC Radio 4. Here are pictures made in all 31 areas by one of Britain's leading documentary photographers.


A History of Haslar Hospital

W. Tait

Published by Griffin & Co. c1906

Since 1753 The Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport provided medical care to the service personnel of the Royal Navy, Army and RAF as well as the local population until it closed in 2009. This book by William Tait, Fleet Surgeon RN, looks at the first 150 years of its existence.


Woodstock: History of an American Town

Alf Evers

Published by Overlook Press 1987

Few small towns in America have as colorful a history as that of Woodstock in Ulster County, New York. Alf Ever's extraordinary history of the town in which he lived tells the tale of a very special American place.


The Floating Admiral

The Detection Club

Published by Mysterious Press 1988

Who killed Admiral Penistone and sent him drifting down the river in the Vicar's dingy? Twelve members of Britain's famous Detection Club constructed the puzzle, each writing a chapter, and none of them knowing the solution.