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Adams Rib

Robert Graves

Published by Trianon Press 1955

Robert Graves is the first to show that Genesis and many of the creation myths, such as the formation of Eve from the rib of a man, are best explained as ancedotes based on a misreading of certain Canaanite icons captured by the Hebrews when they overran Hebron.

1st Limited Edition



The Floating Admiral

The Detection Club

Published by Mysterious Press 1988

Who killed Admiral Penistone and sent him drifting down the river in the Vicar's dingy? Twelve members of Britain's famous Detection Club constructed the puzzle, each writing a chapter, and none of them knowing the solution.


Latin Grammar

E.C. Marchant & G. Watson

Published by G. Bell & Sons

This book is intended to meet the needs of the average learner of Latin. The syntax is almost wholy confined to the classical Latin of Cicero and Caesar but is not exhaustive. Elaborate terminology that impedes rather than assists the learner has been avoided.



I Palazzi Veneziani

Text: Alvise Zorzi
Photography: Paolo Marton

Published by Magnus Edizioni Spa. Udine Italy 1994

This magnificent book illustrates some of the most famous Venetian palaces of every era, from Byzantium to the twentieth century. The interiors of the sumptuous palaces of Venice are presented in all their artistic beauty, with commentaries in Italian by leading historians and art scholars. See our Blog for further information.

£ 40


I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Everywhere, With Everyone, One To One, Always, Forever, Now

Damien Hirst

Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions

This publication - Hirst's first - is the artist's beguiling statement of his ideas and obsessions in life and art to date. Expressed in his own words, and illustrated by his own selection of over 700 images, pop-ups and special inserts.

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