Fore-edge painting is the art of painting a scene onto the edges of the pages of a book. The pages are slightly fanned and cramped to give a firm surface to the fore-edge onto which the scene is painted using very dry watercolours. Once complete the pages are restored to their normal position and the edge gilded. The result is that the painting is invisible unless the pages are fanned again.

The scene above is painted on the fore-edge of 'Portsmouth Parish Church' by Lilley and Everitt (now sold). When the book is closed only the gilt edges of the pages are visible. However, fanning the pages reveals a scene that shows Portsmouth sea front with the Parish Church, now Portsmouth Cathedral on the right.

In the most intricate examples, the fore-edge may be fanned both ways, and a different scene painted on each. The sides of the book can also be similarly painted. Martin Frost is the last commercial fore-edge painter in the country although the example shown here is not believed to be attributable to his remarkable skills.
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The Ward Lock Red Guides was a popular series of travel guides to cities, towns and regions in the British Islands and on the Continent. They were distinguished by having a rich burgundy cloth cover and known for their detailed fold-out maps, period advertisements and photographs.

The Bournemouth Guide shown here is the 14th Edition published in 1921-22 and features the Bournemouth Coat of Arms on the cover. The Aberystwyth and North Wales Guide is the 7th Edition (Revised) published in 1932-33 with the cover showing a map of the area with the main towns marked.

Further information for enthusiasts and collectors of the early (pre-1950s) Ward Lock Red Travel Guides may be found here.
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The Bookends of Emsworth 2020 Calendar features local images printed on quality paper by Hayling Print and is available exclusively from our Shop in Emsworth.

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Mud Pattens in the Morning is the first book to trace the rich history of wildfowling in Chichester Harbour, West Sussex. Steven Borland's extensive research gives an insight into the pursuit of wildfowl, from ancient times through the 1850s, often considered the golden age of wildfowling, and up to the present day.

The book charts the formation of the Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers' Association, a club which controlled indiscriminate shooting, establishing sanctuaries and conserved habitat, and it explores the part played by founder members including Noel Sedgwick, former editor of Shooting Times.

Mud Patterns in the Morning is liberally studded with extracts and images from game books and the recorded histories of well-known gentlemen fowlers, as well as tales of intrepid market gunners.

A new publication available from Bookends of Emsworth, price £40
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WemsFest are holding the 4th annual Emsworth Beer Festival from 27 to 29 September. There will be around 30 cask conditioned ales from near and far, including local brews and 2019 Great British Beer Festival award winners, plus a selection of ciders as well as organic apple juice.

See the 4th Emsworth Beer (& Wine) Festival for further information. Tickets are available from Bookends of Emsworth.
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